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In addition to and WITH our Home Inspections we offer Infrared / THERMAL Inspections! 

I performed several home and commercial inspections recently, where hidden moisture via wet drywall and plaster has been found with Infrared / Thermal Imaging, hidden from view by the naked eye or flashlightI recommend that if you are purchasing a home, a thermal imaging / infrared inspection is a plus!

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SpecRite is a complete Home and Commercial Inspection Service located in Palmdale California, serving adjacent areas in Lancaster CA, Acton, Santa Clarita and Valencia.  Your SpecRite Home Inspector is a Professionally Trained, Certified Inspection Professional and receives continuing education. As a Licensed General Contractor, you can rest assured that your real estate inspector has verifiable building and construction experience. Why is this important? California has no licensing or education requirements, so ensure you hire a competent, professional inspector, like us! 

What this means is, when you are looking for a professional Home Inspection in Lancaster, Palmdale and Surrounding areas, your SpecRite Home Inspector is a trusted Professional.

On Site Consultations and Follow Up

As a home buyer or investor, you are going to have questions from your home inspector. We provide a consultation at the end of every inspection and answer questions that you may have. After you receive your Home Inspection Report, we are available for consultation.

Home Inspection Services for Lancaster Palmdale CA and Antelope Valley

We are here to provide Home Inspections in Lancaster CA and Palmdale and to provide concise and accurate information about your home purchase or sale, helping you make a confident decision about your Home Purchase.

Hiring a Home Inspector is not like hiring many other professionals, you likely won’t meet your inspector until the day of the inspection, I suggest you read our Qualifications and call us when you are ready to book your Home Inspection Appointment!

Video to give an idea of my inspection services