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Home Inspection Sample Report 2013

Home Inspection Sample Report 2013 Click to go to the download page, then just wait a short time Inspection Report Sample Report is about 2mb, takes just a short time… but how do you know who to hire?

Our inspection reports are detailed as well as including digital pictures. We deliver your inspection report within 24 Hours or less during the Week and by Monday morning if performed on the weekend. We can accommodate special needs, just ask. We’ve delivered summary reports on site if needed.

The reason we don’t compile and deliver on site is that quality seems to suffer. If the process is hurried, the product suffers. It’s true with anything in life, and paperwork takes time.

A Decade ago, I delivered paper checklist reports, of course I can deliver that on site, it’s worth about the weight of the paper.

We are available for follow up anytime, you paid for a service, we’re there to help. Having said that, the Spec Right Inspection Report, is accurate and concise enough, that less than 2 calls are usually generated a month about what was written. It’s accurate and concise information.