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Child Safety 12 Safety Devices to Protect Your Children

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On a regular basis I will be posting Home Owner and Home Inspection related articles. Please read and “soak up” some new information, whether you are a Real Estate Agent or just cruising around the web, enjoy the articles! If there is one you’d like, let me know – contact tim

Childproofing Your Home: 12 Child Safety Devices to Protect Your Children

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Anti Tip Brackets for Freestanding Ranges

Anti Tip Brackets for Freestanding Ranges Anti tip brackets are supplied by most all gas and electric range manufacturer’s to prevent accidental tip or falling over, read more about this topic Continue Reading

Aluminum Branch Wiring

Aluminum Wiring – Real Estate Inspections By Nick Gromicko, Rob London, Tim Spargo and Kenton Shepard First, let me say that if you are buying a home that was built between 1965 and 1973 please make sure your home real estate inspector opens the electrical panel, this is very important. During my decade plus service as a… Continue Reading

Deferred Maintenance – What does it mean to a buyer?

Deferred Maintenance in Real Estate – A Home Inspector’s Perspective You’re buying a piece of real estate, in this post-foreclosure era… how has the home or building been taken care of ? Sometimes paint, flooring and carpet look great, what about the “nuts and bolts” of the home or building ? Continue Reading

Predictive maintenance thermal infrared electrical inspections

Spec Rite Inspections announces that they can perform your commercial predictive maintenance electrical inspections Providing predictive maintenance inspections to the greater Los Angeles and Los Angeles County areas, including  San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Antelope Valley areas. Continue Reading

It’s Raining for the first time in a long time

First Rains in a long time appear in Los Angeles County Well, it’s raining in Southern California today, the first time in a long time. Did you know we’ve had one of the driest years in almost a 100 years? What does that mean to a property owner? What should a building owner do? Continue Reading

Getting a complete inspection?

Are you getting a complete inspection when buying a Home or Commercial property? One of the most common calls I get is the most obvious one. How much is the cost for a Home Inspection (or commercial). And why wouldn’t it be… we have our own perception of what a product should be, right? Here’s the thing, there… Continue Reading

Thermal Imaging Saves Home and Commercial Real Estate Buyers Money

Air Conditioning Defect Found During Home Inspection The Air Conditioner was operating, seemed to be cooling OK…  temperatures coming out of the ducts were within range. Usually, during a Home Inspection, that’s about as much as you’re going to find. Use the thermostat, if the Heat and AC work, that’s it! After turning on my… Continue Reading

Infrared Finds Moisture Again – Lancaster CA

Infrared finds moisture / water damage hiding behind walls during Lancaster Home Inspection – Again! If you are buying a home and getting it inspected or looking for an inspector for your buyer… make sure they have infrared technology! What reason do you or your clients have to not have this ultra important technology? Continue Reading