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Buying a Flipped House? If you are, get it inspected! What is a flipped house? Commonly, a flipped house is one that was bought post REO Foreclosure or during a short sale, then fixed up and refurbished and put on the market! I’ve seen and inspected a bunch of these over the years. Continue Reading

Home Inspection Findings – Amazing how much effort to do something wrong

While performing real estate inspections… I’m always amazed at how much trouble goes into doing things wrong. Recently, while inspecting an attic in Lancaster CA, I was blown away… literally shocked that the structure hadn’t caught fire or suffered structural damage Continue Reading

Turning on the Thermostat shouldn’t be scary!

High Cooling and Heating Bills? Where is your money going? Thermal Imaging Can Help! If you are experiencing high cooling and heating bills, you may be wondering what to do, “where is my money going”? Continue Reading

Thermal Imaging now Available!

          Spec Rite is going THERMAL If you are looking for a Home or Commercial inspector, look no further.. We can see things that other’s CAN’T. Real Estate Agents and Buyer’s – Don’t worry or GUESS about defects that we can now “SEE” Thermal Infrared with Inspections NOW Continue Reading

Should a Seller ask for a Buyer’s Inspection Report?

Should a seller ask for a copy of the buyer’s inspection report? Why I generally don’t dabble into real estate advice… I’ve learned something after a few thousand inspections Continue Reading

Home Inspection Defect

Home Inspection Material Defects, what does that mean?   First of all, I think there should be a better understanding of what a home inspection is… and isn’t!! Perceptions of a Home Inspection A home inspection is expected to be a lot of things, there are expectations by the buyer, worry by the seller, a… Continue Reading

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – New Requirements in California During my inspection duties, I’m asked quite often about where and what the requirements are for Carbon Monoxide detectors. It would seem that after a year and a half now there’s some confusion, let’s clear it up! Where are Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in my Residence? On… Continue Reading

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detector Requirements in California One of the frequent items I get calls about from lenders, real estate agents, appraisers, home buyers and sellers is “Why do I have to install smoke detectors, my home didn’t require them when it was built. And in response, that’s probably true… unless it’s a relatively new home, say in last… Continue Reading