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Infrared finds moisture / water damage hiding behind walls during Lancaster Home Inspection – Again!

If you are buying a home and getting it inspected or looking for an inspector for your buyer… make sure they have infrared technology! What reason do you or your clients have to not have this ultra important technology?

During a Lancaster Home Inspection… I find water hiding behind the paint! Who knew?


infrared thermal imaging










Walls recently painted, room looked very nice! What does that mean to water lurking behind the paint? Not very much!

why and how can you justify getting a home inspected without this technology? how?

With a basic scan included in the cost of a Home or Commercial Inspection, and the cost of repairs of this defect in the hundreds if not thousands? What excuse do you have?

Additional Examples shown below. Spec Rite Inspections is serious about what we do! We can’t see through a building, don’t have a crystal ball, but we have the tools and training to perform an excellent inspection, for you, our customers! Does your Inspection Firm invest in continual training, online and onsite education, specialty classes? Spec Rite Inspections does.

Did you know a building can have moisture problems without a roof or plumbing leak? How you ask?? Well, without going into extreme detail, think of holding a Cold Soda Can on a hot summer day… what does the can do? It’s reaching dew point, that’s why it is wet in your hand.

What kinds of building conditions can create moisture without a leak? A bunch of them, really!

  •  Any and all conditions that can create temperatures within or near the range of dew point! Like what you ask. Imagine missing or poorly insulated areas on a cold winter day, could the outside air temperatures and indoor air mix to create this condition. Sure! Could missing insulation on duct work in an attic or anywhere else, sure! And the list goes on! Spec Rite Inspections invests in training from building science and thermography courses. 

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