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What a Home Inspection Covers

What is a Home Inspection and what is covered?

It’s not unusual for me to get a call, and the first thing that is asked is how much an inspection costs. I suppose that’s true for just about anything, we’re all curious about what the cost is for anything we are buying (self included), but in reality, it’s important to remember that as a consumer, you are getting different value and level of service from different providers you call. If you’ve done some research, you’ve probably read or heard about how much different one person’s experience with having a home inspection done was versus another’s.. And maybe read another statement like “Home Inspectors are all the same” <– Nothing could be further from the truth!! I can tell you, without doubt that there are vast differences between inspection firms, here’s a few points to consider!

  • Spec Rite Inspections is a Certified Master Inspector and Licensed General Contractor, talk about a solid background! Sadly, many of the firms you are calling today, have no real and verifiable construction experience, they may have only taken a home study or a 30 day course (if you are lucky). I have inspected 1000’s of homes, I take professional continuing education, attend professional training events, all in an effort to better serve my customers!
  • Top of  the line inspection tools used. High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imaging by a Flir / Infrared Training Center Certified ThermographerMoisture Meters, specialty tools, top of line and easy to understand reporting software.

Here is some discussion about what’s important to remember about a home inspection

A Home cannot Pass or Fail. That is not what a Home Inspection is comprised of or intended for. When a Home Inspection is performed, a series of Systems or Components of the home are looked in a diligent, thorough order. Many Inspectors, Including Spec Rite, will look at the Exterior and it’s components and then Inspect the Roofing System. If a defect is noted for an individual component or system, such as a Water Heater, we will discuss this with you on site as well as note it in our Electronic Inspection report, with pictures of course. Look at our Photo Gallery to get an idea of how things are described.
Now that you’ve found a Spec Rite Real Estate Inspector..
Relax.  Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies and minor imperfections. These are nice to know about.  However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories:
1.)Major defects.  An example of this would be a structural failure.
2.)Things that lead to major defects.  A small roof-flashing leak, for example.
3.)Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy or insure the home. Solid Strand Aluminum Wiring. As I serve the Antelope Valley and Southern Southern California. Does your inspector your know the difference, I DO!
4.)Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electric panel.
Anything in these categories should be addressed.  Often a serious problem can be corrected inexpensively to protect both life and property (especially in categories 2 and 4).
Most sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of defects uncovered during an inspection.  Realize that sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report.  No home is perfect.  Keep things in perspective.  Do not kill your deal over things that do not matter.  It is inappropriate to demand that a seller address deferred maintenance, conditions already listed on the seller’s disclosure or nit-picky items. It’s worth mentioning that a Spec Rite Inspector does not generally report on minor cosmetic defects, such as a dent in a wall or a loose door knob.
What your Spec Rite Inspector will help you do via the Spec Rite Home Inspection Report and our on-site consultations is to provide concise and accurate information, to assist you in making your Real Estate Purchase. We’re Pro’s, relax, you’ve found the right company to help you.